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This week is one of the first weeks where I made a cake for a Kickstarter contributor.  My friend Chris was really excited by last week’s salted caramel cake so I decided to use the leftover icing and make him a cake. I wanted to personalize the design for him so I made a logo for an app he developed in cake.  The result came out quite nicely.

This was my first attempt at “sculpting” a cake.  I put it in quotes because I really only sculpted the sides. It was a lot of fun doing that.  Basically I made a template of the logo and placed it on top of the stacked cake and used a serrated knife to cut out the shape.

My only mistake was that I cut a little bit at an angle so my sides weren’t completely straight.  I only really noticed this when I covered the cake with fondant and it wasn’t sticking quite right.

After I stacked the cake I put plastic drinking straws in the cake to make sure it wouldn’t sag.

Once I covered the cake in white fondant, I cut my handy template out into the two colors and placed the white one over the cake. I used my brand spankin new air brush (yay I’ve used it twice) and with a mixture of sky blue edible airbrush paint and vodka, sprayed the rest of the cake.  It looked pretty good but I wasn’t 100% loving the splotches it left behind so I went back over it with a sponge and more blue. I actually loved the sponge painted effect because it reminded me of clouds!

Photo courtesy of Chris Burris


The cake itself is a butter cake soaked in rum and as I said, covered in salted caramel buttercream.  According to Chris is was absolutely delicious 🙂

This actually isn’t the first cake I’ve made for Chris. I had the honor of making his and his lovely wife’s wedding cake for his geek themed wedding.


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