Week #48 – Nina’s Baby Shower Cake

January 29, 2013 9:56 am Published by

Sorry it’s taken so long but I have a new job and it’s been occupying a lot of my time. That being said, I have new cakes!nina1

I decided to throw my friend Nina a baby shower.  I didn’t have much of a theme other than pink (she’s having a little girl).  So I just went with it.  I threw the party at my house and literally just grabbed any pink decor I could find.

I just bought some new chevron cutters from Etsy and I wanted to try them out.  So I set out to make a cake with chevrons on top, polka dots on the bottom and a big floppy bow on top.


To top it all off, I made my first “realistic” person topper.  I made Nina all cute and pregnant on top of the cake.  The most fun part of the topper was definitely her hait.  I used a clay extruder to make long strands of hair and then to get them to be curly, I wrapped them around toothpicks and let them dry for about 5 minutes or so.  I also covered the top of her head with the same color fondant so you wouldn’t see any bald head peeking through.  It came out great but boy were those curls delicate.nina2

The cake was vanilla cake with salted caramel buttercream (which is definitely my fav now). The 12 or so guests at the party were only able to eat the top tier of the cake so I packaged it up and sent it home with Nina for her and her hubby to enjoy.


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  • natalie says:


    I am one of Nina’s first cousins from Delaware and I saw the picture of her baby shower on her FB postings. You put together a beautiful party. And your cake is impressive. I don’t understand why the 12 guests only ate the top cake…..(what is wrong with them?) but they probably aren’t married women or they are into skinny-ness.
    And I wanted to tell you that your website is very professional. Did you do it yourself? Do you have someone handling the SEO end or marketing? I’m always looking for help with my site. It’s ok-looking, but it doesn’t generate much new business. Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and thank you for taking care of my favorite cousin. I live in Israel and miss her very much. I have 5 kids and would love to be with her for the arrival of her first. Be well and much continued success in your ventures!