Week #4 – Lettering is hard

I was asked by my fabulous doctor to make a cake for her mom’s birthday.  She wanted purple fondant with pink lettering.  She also wanted some flowers and a space to put a silver candelabra candle holder she had found.  The candelabra had a swirl pattern in it that I decided to mimic on the side of the cake.

The one thing she did ask for? “Happy Birthday Mom” written on the cake.

Writing in royal icing is probably one of the hardest things for me.  I can’t ever get it right. The technique often involves printing out what you want to write on a piece of paper and then tracing over it on the cake so it leaves an indent in the fondant.  After that you write over the indent with royal icing with a very fine tip or a cornets (core-neys). Anyway I’m not 100% happy with how it turned out but I will definitely put this on my list of things to learn to do better.

I used a similar technique on the side of the cake.  I have an impression press from wilton that puts the indent of the swirl in the fondant and then I went over it with royal icing.  I really like how this turned out.

I also made all the flowers with white gumpaste and painted them with a mix of food coloring, luster dust and alcohol.  The small balls are called mimosa and they are balls of white gumpaste rolled in purple sanding sugar.

The cake is vanilla butter cake with vanilla icing.  There’s a small bit of amaretto and simple syrup on each layer of cake.

Photos taken by my amazing husband, Geoff Lerer

Week #3 – Axel “Rose” Cake

Today is my friend Axel’s birthday.  Tomorrow also happens to be his engagement party! So I figured this was a perfect opportunity to make him a cake to celebrate both events.

I had been wanting to try my hand at this cake that I saw on i am baker. It was actually pretty easy and the results are quite lovely.  I didn’t have the big piping tip that she used (she uses a 1M and I used an 825) so mine are more like tea roses but I think they look great.

I learned to make these roses by watching youtube videos like this one:

Originally I had all white roses directly over the brown buttercream crumb coat but you could see the brown through the roses.  So I removed them and lightly did a second coat of white icing and then piped the roses over the whole cake.  I also thought I might want to do a single red rose on the top of the cake but it looked sloppy.  I put the whole cake in the fridge and when it had firmed up, I scrapped off the red rose and piped another white rose in it’s place.  Reminder to self: don’t try to get too fancy. Simple is better.

The cake is a butter red velvet cake with 2 layers of Amaretto and coffee buttercream in between layers. It’s covered with white Italian buttercream. I also used some amaretto on the cake to keep it moist and delicious!

I topped the cake with this adorable banner that I lovingly made out of an old catalogue and used scraps from the envelope of their “Save The Date” card to give it a little more interest and make it  look less like a wedding cake. I used more scraps to decorate the cake board.  I think it has that lovely vintage DIY look.


Axel just sent me a pic of him cutting into the cake.  Guess he couldn’t wait to eat it :)

First Casualty

It was bound to happen. These knives are really really sharp. Don’t worry, I caught it before I bled so all the cakes are fine and I too will recover.

And we’re back

yesterday my server was having a lot of technical difficulties but hopefully that’s all in the past. Thanks to everyone who has been supporting my Kickstarter in the down time.

They can’t all be winners…

so far this weekend I have baked the same damn cake three times! For some reason I can’t get it right! What’s nuts is that I have made this same recipe many times. Maybe it’s the added pressure of having the internets watching me while I bake.

Oh well – they can’t all be winners.


I am so humbled and amazed. My kickstarter has been funded in less than 3 days. It will still run for another 27 so feel free to donate and tell your friends.

Thanks for all your amazing support!

Kickstarter is LIVE


I’ve decided to raise a little supply money for this blog – fondant is expensive!

Please consider donating to the cause at Kickstarter and you can pick up one of the 52 cakes!

I would be externally grateful.

Week #2 – Faux Bois

Ever since I worked at The Chopping Block, I’ve become obsessed with faux wood grain.  I’ve always wanted to make a cake that looked like chopped wood.

This cake is actually a 9 inch styrofoam dummy, a 6 inch vanilla and vanilla buttercream cake and another 3 inch dummy all covered in fondant.

I used to have one of these great impression mats that had the faux bois in it.  You roll out the fondant on the impression mat and then put it on the cake.  Well, I lost it.  It’s clear plastic and very easy to lose.  So I decided to hand draw the pattern on the cake.

My first attempt I used a tool that looks like a spear so the edges were a bit rough.  But the other 2 tiers I used a mini rolling tool that looks like a tiny pizza cutter and the results were far smoother.  I also carved hearts into the “wood” for an extra bit of charm.

I finished the cake off with hand-made red flowers, gum paste buttons and a band of royal icing around each tier.  Then I found these adorable deer and decided they would be the perfect adornment to this adorable woodland cake.

Week #1 – Mom’s Birthday Cake

The first cake in my 52 cakes!

Today is my mom’s 65th birthday! In order to celebrate her birthday I wanted to make her a fabulous cake.  This cake is vanilla cake brushed with kalua and vanilla Italian buttercream.  It’s covered with purple fondant and adorned with sugar flowers and a gumpaste bow.

I traveled to DC with the cake in a cardboard box and it arrived in tact!  Score one for my packing abilities. Should have taken a picture of the packing. It was almost a pretty as the cake!

We didn’t eat the cake while I was down there so we’ll have to wait to hear from my folks when they slice it open.

Coming Soon

Obviously this isn’t a site yet.  But it will be.  Just you wait.