Week #11 Salted Caramel Cake

March 19, 2012 12:40 am Published by

Sorry for the delay – I’ve been in a magical land called Austin at a conference where nerds come to get drunk and get free stuff. I went to Austin on a bus called the Startup Bus where 300 people from 11 cities get on 11 buses and create 60 startups in 72 hours.

My bus peeps had a little reunion party on Friday so I decided to make a salted caramel cake for the party.  That cake fell apart before I could photograph it but it tasted really good. So using the left over cake and frosting I created this mini cake which is more like a pasty but I’m going to allow it because it’s my blog and I said so.

The cake is a slight variation on my classic butter cake recipe.  It’s a bit less sweet which is good since the frosting is pretty sweet.  I filled each layer with salted caramel buttercream which is similar to standard Italian buttercream except I cooked the sugar a little longer so it would caramelize.  I also swapped some of the water with rum.  This way it tastes delicious and gets you hammered. I topped the cake with a homemade caramel flower (which kinda fell) and some sea salt.

I had a little bit of cake left over from the big cake so I used a 3 inch cutter to cut mini layers of cake.  I decided to leave the outside of the cake “naked” to give it a nice natural look. So now this is a cake that’s bigger than a cupcake and smaller than a real cake 🙂

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