Week #42 – Quick Birthday Cake

November 7, 2012 5:09 pm Published by

I found out one morning that it was my friend’s birthday.  I texted her husband to see if he had bought her a cake and turns out he had not.  So I scrambled and baked a cake that morning.  I had it frosted and decorated by noon.

This is the fastest I’ve ever turned around a cake.  As some of you might know, you should not bake and frost a cake in the same day.  You really need to make sure that the cake is cool and has stopped baking before you frost it.  Otherwise the buttercream will melt.  So I baked this cake and stuck it in the freezer to rapidly cool it. Fortunately it came out pretty well. It sunk a tiny bit in the middle but it held up.

I made vanilla cake with key-lime buttercream.  I also brushed the cake with simple syrup and lime juice and the cake tasted delish.

I made these cute fondant ruffles.  These ruffles are a great way to quickly decorate a cake with a beautiful cascade.  They are super easy to make. All you need to do is roll out the fondant thin but not too thin.  If you’re using a pasta maker, just put it on the thickest setting.  Cut the fondant into circles and fold the circles twice in half.  I let them dry for a few minutes before I put them on the cake so they could hold their shape.

I’m super happy with how this cake came out, considering the time restraint.  I think next time I’ll play with the colors to try to get a slightly brighter yellow.

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