Week #51 – A Jackson Pollock Birthday

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First of all, let me apologize for the ridiculous delay in posting my final two cakes.  They’ve actually been done for months now.  Unfortunately, someone (that I might be married to) lost the pictures for this cake so all I have is the spin.

This cake was a very special birthday cake for a very special 2 year old.  When he was a baby, I used to babysit Eli quite a lot so he’s my special little guy.  When his mom asked if I would make him a birthday cake of course I said yes.  But his mom also had some requests for the cake.  She wanted low sugar, low fat and as healthy as I could make it.  This is a major challenge for cake decorators.  Usually you go with the tried and true cake recipes that you know will hold up.  But I decided to be a bit adventurous with this one.

I used apple sauce as a replacement for oil which also added some natural sweetness so I removed some of the sugar.  For the filling, I used fresh berries.  I used my regular old buttercream recipe but there was  a lot less of it because of the berries.

The cake was milk chocolate with a really yummy milk chocolate buttercream.  All the ingredients (except the fondant) were organic and as local as I could get.  It took a little bit more work but I think Eli’s parents were happy with the result.

The party was held at the children’s museum in Tribeca. The theme of the party was Jackson Pollock. The kids got to splatter paint everywhere and make an abstract piece of art. It was adorable. So I decided to go with a gum paste paint brush and palate. And for some color made some fondant paint splatters and paint tubs pouring out color onto the cake.  I loved the way this cake came out.  So cute!

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